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2020 On Film: A Master Watchlist

I'm going to try something where I write a post at the beginning of 2020 (February 1st, to be exact), that comprises a list of films I'm interested in seeing this year. Said list, which you will see below, will then continue to be updated throughout the year. Movies will be crossed out and bolded as I see them, rate them on letterboxd, and review them. I'll also be adding films as various trailers and official release dates are announced as we continue our route around the sun.

What follows is a list of films I anticipate (with varying degrees of excitement) seeing this year. There are a slew of festival films that are not currently (as of Feb 1) included as I thought it best to wait until their release date was announced. I also included a few films I will not be seeing, but anticipate I may have an opinion on at some point or another, when they are released. Okay, let's go!

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No trailer as of yet, but the premise sounds chef's kiss


Dream Horse
Last Night in Soho
Death on the Nile

Promotional still for Dream Horse

This trailer don't make no gotdamn sense, but I'm definitely seeing it, thanks

No Time To Die

Could be a disaster, but my ass is 100% in the theater opening night


The Woman in the Window
The Invisible Man
The Night Clerk
The Lovebirds

Elizabeth Moss in The Invisible Man

Might see, based on how I'm feeling and if my Co-Star app says I should

Wonder Woman 1984
Black Widow
Gretel and Hansel
The Rhythm Section
Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn
The Traitor
Come to Daddy
The Photograph
Lost Girls
Saint Maud

Elijah Wood in Come to Daddy



Promising Young Woman
The Assistant
The Lodge
Olympic Dreams
The Way Back
Charm City Kings

Caaaaaaan't wait for this.

Hell no



It's on Netflix, so

Horse Girl