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The Parallax Review Episode II: Blood Simple (1984)

Would that it were so simple! We get hot and sweaty with Joel and Ethan Coen's first film, Blood Simple

We discuss what the term "general audience" really means and try to figure out why the same old Four Tops song plays repeatedly in the film and what it means. What makes a movie seem "constructed" or not? What ideas are the Coen brother's trying to get us to buy into, if any?
How you gonna leave your lighter under the fish, Visser?!

There are always spoilers.

Our intro + outro music is by Bodyman.


Maria was too lazy to look up whether or not Tom Cruise likes to say the name of the movie he is in during the movie. But she's almost positive that never happens and Charles is full of hot Texas air.

Salon article about Blood Simple

Charlie's recommendation: The Higher Brothers album Five Stars

Maria's recommendation: Zebras In America podcast + Pinnland Empire blog

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